Cyberpunk RED

Diary of Timika Hebrard

Session 1: Do Tamagotchi’s Dream of Petrochem?

Petra’s an idiot, and a genius, but mostly an idiot. His tip about the Tamagotchi Karaoke Bar was perfect, I found a way into the Petrochem architecture in the bathroom just as he said I would. The arch was pretty self-contained, not much of a threat, a cheap block that I wormed through no problem and one chance encounter with a Hellhound on the second layer. They had a live camera feed running, I left it untampered with and I found my payday at the bottom right where Petra said he’d leave it waiting. The data’s crystal, pure clean crypto, flogging this should be easy. I cloaked before I jacked out, as far as I can tell it was a perfect hack, no one should know I was there. Of course things aren’t always that simple, are they?

As soon as I’d jacked out and wandered into the main hall to grab some chow from one of the vendors I clocked some dangerous looking folk on their way in. Within moments patrons were dropping to gunfire. I slunk back into the bathroom hoping they hadn’t noticed me and armed myself just in case. I was surprised when this bunch of gormless nomads showed up causing a ruckus, I was sure they were going to get me killed, worse my agent was lighting up something fierce, Petra, I expect trying to get in touch. Somehow the nomad’s found a way out, a trap door below the first cubicle.

I closed the trap door behind us and felt it’s springs lock it back in place, it would be hard to follow us through that without the key. We were in the ruins of the undercity, old roadworks and collapsed buildings. I let the nomad’s wander off into an old braindance shop and a bodega nearby whilst I sorted out my agent. I patched myself in and started yelling at Petra for almost getting me killed, only it wasn’t Petra that lit up my video feed, it was some whack-job Asian dude with a silver jaw wagging his finger at me like he was scolding a child. I hung up immediately, found some old speakers in the braindance shop and fried my agent before taking a brick to it outside. Down another burner.

After that odd episode I rounded up the nomad’s, who I guess I felt responsible for at this point, they were clearly tourists with no clue about the city at all, and started to move them towards the way out. This road would meet with the highway above and we could find our way from there far easier. I felt something stalking us too, scavs maybe? I started to make a run for it. After two of the nomads had finished messing about with a busted minivan we passed, the other of them hailed a cab and I directed the driver to take us to The Matrix. Definitely not their scene, I don’t think, but some loud music and alcohol aught to set them to rights after their encounter, and I needed to wind down myself.

Psi let us in no problem once I flashed him a smile and I found a new burner at the slackware tables, also put in notice that I’d need to flog this paycheck, Hornet will be in touch. After that I went up to the lounge, had a drink and set to relaxing in the net, subspace is just far more comforting. I was happy to see Blood was there, he made me feel more at ease immediately, told me how I was lucky to avoid an Arasaka kill squad working for Petrochem. I’ll be honest, that news still hasn’t really set in yet. He tried to sell me a Claymore, €$100 for it. Twice as good as the Sword he got me to buy a week ago. I kind of regret neglecting it now, I might send him a nudge and reopen the trade. Oh, and I ran into Charlie too…

Charlie still wants his €$10,000. Because of course he does. I tried to tell him I’d have it as soon as Hornet gets in touch but he wasn’t biting. He’s not a bad guy but he knows how to get under my skin. Anyway, he proposed a solution that actually works out for me. He has a job, needs a net-runner, says he wants the best and that means me, flattery for sure but I’ll take it. €$15,000 now which clears my debt and €$15,000 when the job’s done, and it takes me all the way out to the Gulf of Mexico. From what he said I gather I’m supposed to slice into a cargo ship? Must be transporting something valuable, he’s got a full team going in on this which is reassuring, means if something goes wrong I can bail easier. It’ll be nice to spend some time outside of Night City and give whoever sent that Kill Squad after me a chance to forget about me. We’ll see what happens.

Oh! Before I forget. The Nomad’s attracted the attention of a corpo here, no surprise really they stick out like a sore thumb, come to think of it I didn’t even ask their names. I think I heard one of them call the others Emory and Amie? Anyway, Amie I think it was found me upstairs and informed me about the corpo, dude had a job for them, wanted them to “move” something. Now for sure this kid’s way out of her depth didn’t even know what the guy was asking for, guess I’d better babysit them all a little longer, besides, this job might be good for them.

So, robbed a megacorp, dodged death, made some new… well friends would be a stretch, and lined up a new gig. What a night, eh?

Till next time, Ciao!